Sign Up and Checkout Flow Redesign

About Purse

Purse provides unmatched efficiency and transparency to commerce. Their mission is to make Bitcoin useful. The Purse platform is a two-sided marketplace where Earners (individuals looking to liquidate Amazon gift cards) can fulfill shoppers’ Amazon orders for Bitcoin.

Project Goals

  • Improve the sign up and checkout flow for the existing Purse website

  • Demonstrate increased customer comprehension of Purse's value propositions among new users.

My Role: Product Designer

I was on a team of 6 designers; we shared responsibilities conducting competitive analysis, usability testing, ideation, lo-fi sketching, hi-fidelity mockups, and prototyping. I also explored an alternative visual style that stayed in alignment with the company brand.


"Mel was a pleasure to work with. She designed interface solutions which align with our business objectives, and we have already started to implement them. She presented a clean visual style guide and proposed low-cost tweaks to help modernize our interface. I appreciate her keen sense for visual design and attention to detail. Any team would be lucky to work with her!”

-Jaclyn Leneé, Senior Product Designer at Purse



A constraint in Purse's checkout flow is that it requires users to navigate away from Purse's page and to Amazon to copy a "wishlist" link. The challenge was to increase user comprehension and improve the user experience in the signup and checkout flows. 

In five weeks, we were able to:

  1. Demonstrate an increase in user comprehension around Purse's value proposition and how it works

  2. Improve the user experience of the "Name Your Discount" checkout flow

  3. Improve the signup flow by introducing a gradual engagement sign up process

Play with the desktop prototype here, or watch it in action below!