Digital Art

Outside of product design, I am a digital artist and animator. You can learn about my works below.

Morph Collection

My current series is centered around the theme of connection.

Each frame uses parts of the previous frame that morphs into the next shape, conveying interdependence among everything.

The work employs the use of digitized physical textures and hand-drawn animation.

You can follow along on Instagram at @melsmithdesign.

Musician Collection

I'm always looking for opportunities to grow and learn as a designer.

Last year I completed #the100dayproject drawing 100 days of inspiring musicians thru the decades as a study in form, color and human thought.

You can follow along on Instagram at @melsmithdesign.

Other Projects

Throughout my product design career, I have designed solutions for consumer, healthcare, and enterprise products — these run the gamut of creating trust to evoking playfulness.

Check out my work below.


Trove is a trauma recovery platform for victims of sexual assault.

The app leads the user through an intake process - where I used interactive form components to capture personal data.

Color and soft shapes evoke a sense of calm and support.

The Trove team originally came together at a hackathon (where we won 3rd place out of 300+ participants). The project continues today more than a year later.


DroneDeploy helps customers capture, manage, and analyze drone data.

I designed mobile features to help users - enterprise customers in construction and agriculture - autonomously fly drones and capture images.

In my designs, I worked within the constraints of limited screen real-estate, and aimed to simplify otherwise complex tasks like providing:

  • real-time drone updates
  • location-tagged file management
  • multi-user team collaboration

You can read more about this in my DroneDeploy case study.


Viaggio is an iOS app that helps people keep a visual journal of their travels, share travel recommendations, and seamlessly publish the content to Wordpress.

I helped the team refresh their visual style and championed best practices for mobile interaction design.

Piper Pong

They say confetti makes the world a better place.

This was an exploration in animation.