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Web and Mobile App Redesign



DroneDeploy is a drone software solution that helps businesses in industries such as agriculture and construction, collect, manage, and interpret drone data.

Project Goals

  • Help the business restructure the information architecture of their mapping interface so that customers can more easily gather insights from data that is mapped repeatedly

  • Refreshed visual style for improved usability

My Role: Lead Product Designer

  • User Research & Usability Testing

  • UX Design

  • UI Design


By extending the focus of the DroneDeploy experience from single map to multiple maps analyzed over time, we were able to create a cohesive and improved customer flow. Through research, competitive analysis, design sprints and user testing, we delivered:

  1. Extensive research and analysis of customer workflows

  2. Updated information architecture for the DroneDeploy customer experience

  3. Version 1 of the new DroneDeploy interface for desktop and mobile

  4. A style guide of colors, typography and component usage for the interface

The new Projects feature is fantastic. We need more of these kinds of Enterprise features which makes our executive, value-based conversations so much better!
— DroneDeploy Customer



While the core part of this project was restructuring the information architecture to create a seamless customer experience, we were also able to refresh the visual style and define best practices for typography and our new components such as the horizontal navigation, sub navigation, and bottom action bar.

We maintained the dark primary navigation color with a light color to highlight current pages and for the background of the sidebar. Using a light interface with strong contrasting colors is crucial for readability for our customers out in the field under bright sunlight. We incorporated a blue gradient and larger icons for improved scannability. Below is a selection of design components and their usage.