I believe in creating a world in which all humans can thrive as happy and healthy individuals. Design is a way to bridge the gap between human and business needs. I serve as a champion for customers and thrive bringing ideas to life through collaborative co-creation.

I’m currently working with UCSF CDHI to reimagine the patient experience. Previously, I redesigned the product experience at DroneDeploy and conducted user research to improve the participant experience at Omada Health

In my work, I have a soft spot for the intersection of technology and wellness. Part of this comes from facing serious health complications in my youth. Another part comes from observing the human experience – hearing a 72-year-old man in tears because his health monitoring app helped him reduce his risk for diabetes; watching a depressed teenager find respite with the guidance of online guide meditation. It is moments such as these that have left me inspired by the impact technology can have on health – increasing access, reducing costs and surfacing insights.

Outside of techlandia, you can find me writing or jamming out with my two-gal rock band, Buffalo Stardust :)