Hi! I'm Mel

I'm a product designer who works on the full product design lifecycle. I stay rooted in empathy and customer mental models, and help teams co-create solutions that solve real needs.

Previously, I led design for the Access team at UCSF Health's Center for Digital Health Innovation, did design and research at DroneDeploy and conducted user research at Omada Health.

I’ve worked with early-stage startups building their first product to large institutions integrating into hairy ecosystems (cue America’s Healthcare System). This has exposed me to the depth of iterating on a single product to understanding multi-user workflows at scale.

When I'm not designing products, you can find me...

Illustrating, writing, or jamming out with my two-gal rock band, Buffalo Stardust.

Let's connect

You can reach me at melisalynnsmith@gmail.com.

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